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PC Organ Technology


At the heart of the ALTUS organ brand is HAUPTWERK, which runs on the Microsoft Windows platform. 


Hauptwerk Capitalizing on the full strength of 21st century computing technology that features very fast processor speeds with multiple cores, as well as large random access memory (RAM) possible with 64-bit operating systems, HAUPTWERK enables the use of high quality recordings that can be as long 15 seconds long and recorded at 32 bit 96kHz. HAUPTWERK provides the environment for these recordings to be multiple-looped and for the use of multiple release recordings while enabling the use of reliable MIDI protocols for hardware communication.  With capability to handle over 500 audio channels, HAUPTWERK places almost no limits on multi-channeling solutions.


Sample Sets The actual pipe organs played back as 'sample' sets within the HAUPTWERK environment are recorded using a note-by-note multi-recording approach. This implies unique individual recordings that capture the natural attack, steady state and release data, for each note of every stop, as well as the natural acoustics of the installation space.


Thus, with the versatile HAUPTWERK technology and the multi-recording technique, ALTUS organs deliver a sound realism akin to that of an actual pipe organ, which hitherto was never attained with conventional digital organs.  With real-time intuitive pipe voicing controls, the system employed in ALTUS KLASS organs further marks a departure from the traditional sampling technology deployed in 99% of digital organ brands in the global market.


The ALTUS organ system upholds the individual tonal concept of organ builders as an original pipe organ, in its acoustical locale, is sampled in its entirety rank-by-rank and note-by-note. The end-user can thus play an existing pipe organ verbatim. Contrarily, previous implementations of sampled-sound organ technology combine recorded sounds from different pipe organs disregarding the tonal integrity and intentions of the builders. Examples of pipe organs playable as virtual instruments on ALTUS Organs are: 






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