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ALTUS organs, powered by the versatile HAUPTWERK virtual pipe organ (VPO) technology, are exact models of existing pipe organs. With cutting-edge audio, computing, midi and recording technologies, various historic pipe organs built by the likes of Batz, Cavaillé-Coll, Grygar, Hinsz, Marcussen, Skinner, Walcker and Willis to mention a few, are playable as virtual instruments with an unprecedented pipe sound realism on ALTUS organs.  The VPO technology represents a landmark departure from traditional digital organ building. It ushers in the modern era in the industry, presentng an avant-garde but highly sustainable organ solution.



The ALTUS organ design platform is modular,  employing off-the-shelf hardware and software components. This brings about a revolutionary product effectiveness:

  1. Upgradeability: With the use of off-the-shelf upgradeable hardware and software parts, operating within a modular design, ALTUS organs keep pace with the changing world of technology. Hence, obsolescence, a major problem in the organ industry is irrelevant to ALTUS organs.

  2. Durability: ALTUS digital organs are primarily maintained via a part “replacement” culture as against a “repair” maintenance culture. This is most easily facilitated by the ALTUS modular design. And given the unceasing obtainability of off-the-shelf and upgradeable audio, computer and midi components, ALTUS organs are guaranteed to run into the future, redefining the longevity component in the digital organ industry. 

  3. Customization: There is the flexibility to custom-build ALTUS organs using different quality-price ratios. An ALTUS instrument can therefore start as a budget 2-manual organ that will develop into a luxury end 3 or 4-manual organ in the future. Likewise, a stereo audio system can grow from 2 channels to 512 channels for multi-channeling, sound distribution (volume power) or antiphonal setup.

  4. Tonal Flexibility: Sampling of exisitng pipe organs around the world as software add-ons is unending. Thus, different organ tonalities from the Baroque, Symphonic, neo-Baroque to the Modern are available from the English, Continental and North America organ traditions.



By cashing in on the fast speed and large memory of modern computers, ALTUS technology processes ALL the pipe sounds of an existing organ with precision (32-bit 96 kHz audio sample resolution).  With this, and a real-time voicing capability, a pipe organ sound quality never attained in the digital organ industry is achieved. 



ALTUS organs are high-power computing machines to which the exceptional reliability standards of 21st century computer technologies apply.



ALTUS consoles are minimalist in design. The space-saving concept feature adjustable touch screen monitors for easy stop control, configuration access and flexibility.  However, traditional consoles with tab or draw stops are available.



  1. Survey: The size and acoustics of the proposed installation space are examined. If feasible, a demonstration organ is installed. 

  2. Consultation: Based on the survey outcome, ALTUS organ designs are proposed according to the client's requirements (tonal disposition, audio configuration, technical specification, aesthetics & budget).

  3. Order: The client places a new product order based on an ALTUS proposal and supply terms.

  4. Installation: The organ is installed and voiced to the acoustics of the room.



6 to 16 weeks after order placement depending on the ordered organ size and time of the year.



Routine maintenance ensures an insignificant product down-time. This service is delivered through the ALTUS Preventive Maintenance Program, which keeps the cost of ownership low.



10-year limited warranty on all computer boards (terms and conditions apply). Extended warranty can be purchased.

2007 Prib Chamber Organ (Prague, Czech Republic)

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